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Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle Restraints hold truck trailers in place during the loading and unloading process – known as ‘trailer creep.’ Using a hook on the ICC bar of the trailer, these vehicle restraints prevent dangerous situations at dockside. Available in both manual and automatic designs, these restraints make working on your trainload dock safer and faster. We also have communication light systems to let drivers and dock crew know when it’s safe after the load has been released.
GMA Dock vehicler

Types of Vehicle Restraints

GMA tpr-auto-restraint

Automatic Loading Dock Truck Restraint TRR Series Truck Restraint by DLM Dock Equipment

Push Button Automatic by DLM POWERSTOP® SERIES AUTOMATIC RESTRAINT Automatic Loading Dock Truck Restraint

GMA Dock powerstop-auto-restraint


Manual Loading Dock Truck Restraint

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