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We pride ourselves on being the best source in the USA for direct-to-manufacturer Dock Seals. We do this by running a small operation, the same people who pick up the phone at (704) 400-9124 will complete your order. We finalize your specs and set the wheels in motion to buy the materials for your individual Dock Seals. This means the order doesn’t pass through hands and get mixed-up. We guarantee our Dock Seals will be of better quality for nearly the same price with less headaches compared to anyone else. Whenever you want an update on your order, email us or call the same number (704) 400-9124, ask for Mike or Gary.

Dock Seals Provide Protection

Moisture, Bugs, etc
Keeps A/C & Heat Constant
Closes Dangerous Gaps

We use USA grown, cut and milled pressure treated lumber for all back walls of our padding. This high quality wood is far superior to other types in our experience over the decades building dock seals.

April 2024 Dock Seals Turn Around Time 4-6 weeks


Dock seals provide protection from the elements and help to keep heat and A/C in. At GMA, we hand craft each seal from the best materials available.  Using your specifications, we’re able to build the perfect dock seals for your needs.

Every Seal Hand Made


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April 2024 Dock Seals Turn Around Time 4-6 weeks

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Please download the forms below, if you need help measuring for seals see our videos below as well. Once you have a completed form, please scan, and email it to one of us. In the subject please add ‘COMPLETED FORM’.

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