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Dock Lights

Loading docks are busy environments with a high potential for workplace injury. Our loading dock lights create a productive, safe and OSHA compliant working environment by illuminating the loading dock areas and inside the dark trailers.
GMA Dock Dock Light

Double-Strut Swing-Arm Dock Light

The Double-Strut Swing-Arm Dock Light combines the adjustability of our SDL series’ swing arm design with the sturdy reliability of the DL series.

Twin-axis hinge allows arm to deflect when struck by doors and lift trucks.
Durable design and construction reduces maintenance costs.
Bulb included unless otherwise noted.
UL and cUL Listed.
Lamp cover included.
Many 220/240V models available for international applications.
Designed and assembled in the USA.

Gooseneck Industrial Task Light

Available in three different lamp styles: built-in LED Module, replaceable LED bulb, or traditional incandescent bulb. Fast and easy installation on any vertical surface makes it ideal for both loading dock and factory floor lighting applications.

Gooseneck bends to simplify positioning.
Stainless steel neck will not sag.
Impact and heat resistant vented polycarbonate head remains cool to the touch.
UL and cUL certified for safe operation.
220/240V models available for international applications; CE compliant.
All components are field replaceable.
Designed and assembled in the USA.

GMA Dock Industrial Task Light
GMA Dock - Dock Light Fan Kit

Dock Light Fan Kit

Our high capacity 3-speed fan provides air circulation and cooling throughout the loading dock area. Heavy Duty 18″ fan rated for 3000 cfm. Each fan is supplied with a “Y” cord that enables the fan to be used separately or in conjunction with any Tri Lite dock light head.

High output fan provides a safe, comfortable environment for warehouse workers.
Arm mounting allows for adjustable airflow.
Durable design and construction reduces maintenance costs.
Bulb included unless otherwise noted.
UL and cUL Listed.
Designed and assembled in the USA.

Stop-Go Loading Dock Safety Light (SG10)

Loading docks require clear and concise stop and go lights to operate safely, giving drivers and workers a clear message whether or not to proceed. Loading dock lights can prevent deadly accidents from poor communication between dock and drivers.

Our Loading Dock Stop and Go Lights are super-bright and highly visible, even in direct sunlight or in dimly-lighted areas, and can be mounted in a variety of ways.

Besides using these lights in outside areas like loading dock areas, they can also be used inside the building in forklift and freight traffic areas. Stop & Go lights can also be used in drive-thru lanes, parking garages, toll booths, weigh stations, car washes, etc.

A switch and flasher are not included but can be obtained from an electrical contractor or installation professional. The SG10 is most useful in applications where opposing signals are not required.

Provides immediate and recognizable direction to drivers and loading dock staff, reducing the risk of confusion and error.
Can be used anywhere a visual communication system is needed.
Available in two colors: safety yellow or black.
Polypropylene housing will not rust, pit, dent, or corrode.
Choice of incandescent or LED lamps.
Rated for indoor or outdoor use, IP54.
Note: All incandescent “Stop & Go” lights must flash or the lens will melt. It is not necessary for LED lights to flash.

GMA Dock - Loading Dock Safety Light