Dock Bumpers

When there is 80,000 pounds of TRUCK backing into your building, you need reliable protection from damage. Especially those with lots of traffic! We offer three solutions that will last for varyingly for years. Like with many things each ‘tier’ you get what you pay for, if you have questions we’re happy to help guide you for which is best for your needs. Size, Durability, and more!

Contact us and we can help you understand which to fit your needs!

What Makes Dock Bumpers Different

Molded Bumpers

  • Economical, Ease to Replace

  • Primarily used on edge of dock leveler bumper blocks.

  • Used in low-traffic environments with less direct to dock contact and more vehicle restrainment

  • Great for light duty applications surrounding other smaller areas of consistent ‘rubbing’ at the dock – near lights, signs for extra, but inexpensive protection.

GMA Dock molded-bumpers-collage
GMA Dock lambumpersmain

Laminated Bumpers

  • Constructed from recycled tires and flanked by steel plates.

  • Keep trucks from running into your building at projected ranges.

  • Designed to last for years, this a great solution for standard volume loading docks.

Steel Faced Bumpers

  • Steel plate face and backed between laminated bumpers.

  • Ultimate design for high-volume and heavy duty use.

  • These bumpers will lasts for many years and require no maintenance.

GMA Dock sfbumpers
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